Feedback from readers after receiving "Way Beyond Compare":

* "John Winn's 'Way Beyond Compare' contains volumes of Beatle information and insights not offered in any other publication. This, the definitive, most accurate, thorough, helpful, and authoritative document study of Beatle outtakes, live performances, broadcasts and compositional drafts, is also the ONLY credible source on spoken-word recordings such as press conferences, interviews, skits and unscripted banter. Winn's welcome ability to accurately date every aural fragment catalogued here--often correcting conventions that have been uncritically accepted for ages, along with his acute analytical savvy and his ears-wide-open expertise, result in a beautifully written study of every Beatle sound to ever reach the public. Winn's two-volume set is indispensible for any collector of Beatle recordings, and is highly recommended for anyone wishing to learn more about what the Beatles played, sang and said." - Walt Everett, author of "The Beatles As Musicians"

* "It's clear from reading the book that not only does John Winn know his facts, he's clearly a big fan of the Fabs not only as a group but as people and his writing displays great warmth and humour. Let us never forget that part of the Beatles popularity both now and especially in the Sixties was their individual personalities and sense of humour. (That's not to say that Winn shies away from writing about certain moments when the Beatles were decidedly less than 'fab'). He has correctly noted the importance of interviews, press conferences, video and newsreels in the Beatles recorded legacy, something no other author, to my knowledge has attempted or been willing to do... When commenting upon the interviews and press conferences he does a great job of conveying just how funny the Beatles were, recognising George as perhaps the unsung comic genius of the group. Those of you with huge video archives full of newsreels and ten second film clips will find this book invaluable in identifying them all at long last. Even those of you whose video collection doesn't go much further than 'Anthology' will find much to enjoy. John has also done a great job of solving a few mysteries regarding recording session anomalies, alternate mixes etc, notably pointing out where the edits occur on the artificially lengthened Forthlin Road tapes, explaining how there is an alternate vocal on 'Tell Me Why' (film mix) in existence and presenting an interesting (and probably correct) theory about 'take 7' of 'She's A Woman'. They're the first three I could think of but there's plenty more. I also like the release history footnotes which tell you where the material first appeared, mainly on long forgotten LP's, a particular passion of mine." - Mark Ashworth

* "As I'd planned, I spent the weekend reading 'Way Beyond Compare' cover to cover -- how shall I put this? 10.0, 5 stars, A+, two thumbs up, etc. etc. etc."

* "The book is fantastic! It is exactly the type of info I'm looking for - basically, factual information on everything The Beatles recorded, including live performances, radio, and tv shows... it's a great addition to my Beatles book collection, and unlike a lot of them, this is a book I will be picking up time and time again."

* "Fantastic job, John. What I usually do is just blindly turn to a page and read on, which leads to other dates, which leads to others. It's tough to put it down."

* "I just finished your book. It goes straight into my Top Four, along with 'The Complete Beatles Chronicle', 'The Beatles Recording Sessions' and 'Eight Arms To Hold You'."

* "I just wanted to drop you a line about 'Way Beyond Compare'. You did an awesome job on the book! I haven't even finished this one yet, but I can't wait for the next installment!"

* "There is a tremendous amount of primary research in it... This has been a great year for new Beatles books but yours is the best of the lot for my money."

* "The title 'Way Beyond Compare' is right (literally), I've never seen a book like this on the Beatles' career; and I've only read the first 20 or so pages. It's obvious you've kept a running file of data on every song and every bit of trivia, as it certainly shows with the wealth of information presented in every entry."

* "Your book is very entertaining, easily read and full of the kind of facts a hardcore fan and collector like me is looking for. It will take me a very long time to read it as every word will have to be scrutinized but it will be a wonderful time."

* "My copy arrived yesterday, and I must say that I am EXTREMELY pleased with it. Even in the short time I've had to flip through the pages, it has far exceeded my expectations, and it will surely be an indispensible resource for a long time to come... will hold a place of honor next to Sulpy and Lewisohn on my shelf."

* "Fantastic work!! I thought that it would be impossible to make a Beatles years companion to 'Eight Arms To Hold You'. Not so!"

* "Got my copy today and WOW, What an incredible book! Thanks so much for publishing it. Can't wait for volume 2."

* "Comprehensive. Authoritative. Invaluable."


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